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Apply the principle of focused energy to your life. Diffused energy (busyness and aimless distractions) has little power or impact. But when you concentrate your energy by focusing it, you have created a laser beam of power.

What would your life look like next week if you used the power of your attention on ONE project today? That sales letter would be written and sent out. That prospect would have all they need to make an educated decision. That spouse and those kids would feel they are really loved. That closet, garage, office would be organized and free of clutter.

There's so much power in focused attention and concentrated energy!

Remember back to the days when you were five years old? You lived in the world you wanted to create. If you wanted to be a fire fighter, you were one—right then at that moment! If you wanted to be in Africa, you were—right then at that moment! Kids can create their perfect world in their imagination instantaneously.

This ability to use your imagination was your first experience of the power of focus. You still have that ability. When was the last time you used it?

When was the last time you tapped into your imagination and spent a day, a weekend—or a whole week dreaming about the possibilities for you in your life? When was the last time you spent time alone thinking about what you really want and how you can manifest it?

And speaking of manifesting . . .

That's a fascinating word and an intriguing concept. I've spent years discerning it and realize I haven't even touched the depths of its power.

Think of it, in the very first book of Scripture it says, “In the beginning God created . . . ”

In all succeeding books of Scripture it doesn't repeat this again. In following Scriptures it says manifest.

This got me thinking and questioning. Could it be that ALL things are already created? Everything already exists? And if all things exist right now in this moment, how do they come into existence on this physical plane? How do they become evident, clear, and visible?

Then I looked at the word manifest. Its very definition is to be evident, clear, and visible. The first part of that word is man or mankind. The other portion of the word is fest, which comes from festival. That means celebration—one of the names for God.

Manifesting is partnering with God. When you manifest you are a vessel, bringing what's already created into the physical plane. You are birthing ideas, people, material things, and love. You are not creating them, for they are already created and exist in the Mind of God. But you are making them evident, clear, and visible.

You are manifesting (Man)i(Fest)ing!

Wow. What a privilege! And what if God, in His infinite wisdom, power, and love, is searching the world over for someone who believes they can partner with Him and bring ideas, material things, people, and love to the physical?

Is that person you?

Most people are afraid of that power. They live a life of busyness and aimless distraction so they won't ever have to come into their true brilliance.

Maybe it's time to be different. If you are like me, and you know in your heart that you were born for more and you are open to exploring the richness of partnering with God, I want to help you manifest what you really want.

Lisa Jimenez

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