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Learn how to tap into the power of focused energy and you will step into a world where you can manifest your dreams and live a life you love!

Participate in the Rich Life Mastermind Retreat and learn how to embrace and manifest ALL you were meant to BE and do.

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Your beliefs drive your behaviors. That’s a real problem for most people because their beliefs are set on lack and limitation. The fact is, most people are wired to fail. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a formula you can learn to radically transform self-limiting beliefs, retrain the brain, and create the mind-set you need to get the results you want.

This formula starts with knowing what you want. Clarity is power! When you know what you want, you access a whole new realm of focus, intention and energy. This powerful space of clarity defies doubt, shatters ambiguity and fuels your behaviors.

So, what do you want?...

What do you REALLY want? Can you describe your Ideal Life? Maybe it's to have more free time. Get a promotion. Write a best-seller. Start your own business. Get to the next pin-level in your MLM Company. Maybe it’s to have financial freedom, become a multi-millionaire; enjoy a bigger home ~ or several homes; take your entire family on an exciting vacation! Maybe your ideal life is to expand your philanthropic efforts.

Are you like most of my clients, you thought you knew what you wanted, you’ve already created success... but you've had a few setbacks and you can’t seem to move past them; and, you just know there’s so much more for you; but something is holding you back and you just can’t seem to break free!

I’ve got a question for you… When was the last time you spent a day, a weekend—or a whole week thinking about your ideal life and strategizing a plan to achieve it? Research proves it’s the people who visualize their goals and mastermind with others who stay in action and meet with success.

That's exactly what The Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program is designed to do. But I'm getting ahead of myself; first you must know the best decision I ever made to create my ideal life was participate in a Mastermind and hire a coach. Period. The power of that Mastermind was the single reason I created a successful speaking career, wrote 3 best-selling books, a thriving coaching buisness and took a leap of faith to create what I really wanted in my life.

It gave me the structure to grow my business, the mind-set to access opportunities, and the belief that helped drive my behaviors! That was 11 years ago. I was so thrilled with the results I received from that experience, I chose to create my own Mastermind and help others get the same results. For the past 10 years, I've been taking entrepreneurs to exotic cities around the globe for my Mastermind Retreats. We've been to Paris, Maui, Prague, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Florence, Bali, Costa Rica and several other exotic destinations.

The mission is simple, yet profound: Teach People a 7-Step Formula To Radically Transform Their Self-View, Retrain the Brain, and Create the Mind-Set They Need to Achieve Their Goals and Objectives.

The Mastermind Retreat is a 5-day, total immersion experience to help you master each step. You’ll break through limiting beliefs, blind spots and paradigms that hold you back. You’ll participate in daily Mastermind Sessions where you will get the coaching you need to gain clarity in what you really want and create a solid plan of action to achieve it. You’ll learn how to build belief that will inspire you to stay focused and drive your success. Through these sessions you’ll create the mind-set you need to take your business and life to a whole new level. We’ll enhance the Mastermind Retreat experience with a 6-month Coaching Program, where you’ll create and follow a strategic plan and weekly accountability call that ensure you’ll meet your goals and objectives.

The Weekly Business Coaching coupled with a total emersion experience at the 5 Day Mastermind Retreat is the most powerful combination available to retrain your brain, transform your mind-set, and drive your behaviors to set and achieve your goals.

The next Mastermind Retreat will take place at... The Four Seasons des Bergues in Geneva, Switzerland October 10-15, 2018


Located in the heart of historical Old Town, overlooking Lake Geneva and enchanting views of the famous Jet D’ Eau (fountain of prosperity) the Four Seasons des Burgues in Geneva, Switzerland is the perfect location for our Mastermind Retreat! You will be immersed in royal treatment and enjoy the beauty of Swiss elegance (with a French influence) and the miraculous views of the Swiss Alps.

Four Seasons deluxe room

You’ll wake up in your luxurious Four Seasons Deluxe Room surrounded by exotic birds, monkeys and over 400 types of orchids! Geneva is the perfect place for you to connect with other success-minded entrepreneurs and get the coaching you need to take your business and life to a whole new level.

Breakfast at the Four Seasons Resort

Every morning you’ll enjoy a delicious Four Seasons Breakfast followed by a Mastermind Session where million-dollar ideas and new insights are birthed. The synergy of like-minded people coming together to support and encourage each other is amazing! Just imagine what’s possible for you when you’re in an atmosphere of prosperity, luxury and the power of the Mastermind!

Mastermind session

In the daily Mastermind sessions, you’ll participate in life-changing conversations that will inspire you to go big in life and expand your vision. You’ll create new and innovative marketing ideas, share global networks, and strategize powerful and profitable ideas to grow your business. You’ll learn and master the Rx 7-Step formula that will help create the mind-set you need to achieve your goals and objectives.

The Geneva Mastermind Retreat offers 5 Mind-Expanding Excursions that will help you tap into your creativity, break through your comfort zone, build connection, and create new levels of success:

Old Town

Old Town in Geneva

Excursion #1: You’ll take a carriage ride through the cobblestone streets of Old Town. You’ll learn all about this historic and political sight on a guided tour of the present seat for the Cantonal Government in the Hôtel de Ville. This 15th century building is the home of the famous Geneva Convention, held in 1864 as well as the birthplace of the League of Nations in 1920. You’ll learn about the new science of the God- Particle, discovered in Geneva in 2011, from one of the scientists who is working on this incredible project! You’ll complete the evening with a delicious dinner in the Promenade de la Treille, a romantic promenade with stunning views of Geneva and dates back to the 16th century.



Excursion #2: Express the history buff in you and expand your entrepreneurial spirit on an amazing tour of the world renowned watch factories. Switzerland is the birthplace of the time piece! You’ll learn the history of this industry from all the great watch houses, including Patek Philippe, Brequet and Rolex! You’ll learn how to launch and sustain an idea and revolutionize your industry. (You may even take home a beautiful Swiss time piece for a special memory of the Geneva Mastermind Retreat!)

Swiss alps view

Excursion #3: You’ll enjoy an afternoon in the country, hiking in the Alps (singing The Hills Are Alive is optional!), followed by a visit to the Gardens of Chateau de Penthes with magnificent views of Geneva’s countryside. Then you’ll savor a delicious dinner prepared for our group at Domaine de Plein-Vent, a charming 250 year old mansion!

Swiss chocolate

Exotic chocolates

Chocolate statue

Exotic Swiss chocolate

Chocolate pope statue

Excursion #4: One of the best ways to stimulate creativity is with a visit to a Chocolate Factory! All aboard the “Swiss Chocolate Train” for a special tour with a professional Chocolatier. Founded in 1819, this chocolate factory will amaze you with the history of chocolate and (of course) tastings of exotic chocolate combinations. You’ll be inspired by the creative varieties of these chocolate delicacies. You’ll sample recipes that combine pepper from Nepal, honey from Tasmania, pistachios from Turkey and authentic, pure Swiss chocolate!

Saverio Sbaragli

Excursion #5: Tap into your creative side with a cooking class from the Four Season’s head chef, Saverio Sbaragli. This experience will help you cultivate your team building skills while it delights your taste buds! And, of course, we’ll all sit down together and enjoy our delicious meal!

The Geneva Mastermind Retreat, with its daily Mastermind Sessions, 5 life-changing excursions, unique and luxurious gifts in your room every evening, and the prosperous and royal ambiance of Geneva; combined with your 6 month Quantum Leap Weekly Coaching Program and Daily Accountability is the combination that will radically transform your beliefs and your results. Create the mind-set you need to take your business and life to new and exciting levels!

Your six month Quantum Leap Coaching Program includes:

  • 24 Weekly Group Coaching Calls;
  • 12 Bi-Weekly Private One-On-One Coaching Calls;
  • A Learning Library Resource Set (retail value $1,150) Includes;
    • Conquer Fear Complete Collection;
    • Don’t Mess With The Princess 3-Piece Collection;
    • “Claim Your Power Now” Set with Jim Rohn, Vic Johnson, and Lisa Jimenez;
    • Customized Coaching Program Based On a 19-Pg. Questionnaire
    • Needs Analysis and Daily Accountability Process

The Six Day Geneva Mastermind Retreat includes:

  • Transportation to and from Geneva International Airport;
  • 5 Days and 5 Nights at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva;
  • Dining Package for five days. All Breakfast, lunches and dinners at incredible restaurants (includes a champagne welcome reception, all other alcohol is on your own.);
  • Meeting Room and all supplies for the Mastermind Sessions and Seminars;
  • Private Cooking Class with Four Season's Chef;
  • Tour of Geneva’s Watch Factories and Private Viewings of Petik Phillip, Brequet, and Rolex;
  • Carriage Ride in Old Town and Private Tour of the League of Nations and the Geneva Convention, followed by an inspiring speech from a scientist on the “God Particle” Project;
  • Train Ride to the Countryside with guided hiking tour of the Swiss Alps and tour of the Castle Domaine de Plein-Vent;
  • Tour of the Chocolate Factory and a taste testing experience;
  • Luxury Gifts in Your Room Each Night;

For 5 extraordinary days you’ll be completely immersed in Abundance, Prosperity and an “Anything Is Possible” Mind-Set. You’ll love the exquisite culinary experiences and mind-expanding excursions that will delight and inspire you! You’ll open your mind to all that’s possible for you in your business and life and get the coaching you need to create it. And that’s just the Mastermind Retreat!... Along with this experience you also get a 6 month membership to Quantum Leap Coaching! Weekly coaching and daily accountability. You’ll be inspired with stimulating conversation with your Mastermind participants from all over the world... coaching together for 6 months and then coming together in Geneva with one similar intention:

To Create the Mind-Set You Need that Inspires Action
and Helps You Achieve Your Goals in Business and Life!

The investment for the 5 DAY Geneva Mastermind Retreat and 6 MONTH Coaching Program is USD $19,997 per person. You can pay in full or make 6 monthly payments of $3,333.


Get the support, accountability, and expertise you need to radically transform yourself; which will radically transform your results!

Here are some more possibilities…

You may choose branding as your "Project" and you'll be writing your book and creating a powerful Press Pack, Marketing Campaign, and Internet "Rock Star" presence.

You may choose to get your Speaking Business up to 6-7 figures and beyond.

You may choose to grow your Home Based Business to a million dollars in organizational production each month. (That really is one of my client's goals!)

You may just have an idea on a simple napkin, but you know it's lucrative and you are ready to create the business plan to build a profitable business!

The "Project" you bring to the Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program will be strategized in ’90 Day Action Plans’ that begin NOW… as soon as you get registered! You'll fill out an extensive questionnaire to help me customize your Coaching Program and then we GET TO WORK!

View of Geneva


When you participate in the Geneva Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program, you start a process that allows you to reach immediate breakthroughs and create the Mind-Set you need to live a richer, more fulfilling life!

Now, I want you to know I've put a tremendous amount of effort into creating the most powerful Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program available. It consists of the 3 most important elements you need to retrain the brain and create the mind-set you need to expand your business and life!

The Mastermind Retreats consist of three powerful elements:

#1) A Radical Shift in Your Mindset

Through an extensive questionnaire and personal coaching, you'll identify the barriers, hidden fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back. You'll master the strategies to breakthrough these barriers and completely shift your mindset. You'll be immersed in royal treatment from the second you step off the airplane and into the private limousine awaiting you. You'll be whisked to the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel and your private room overlooking a famous monument like the Eifel Tower in Paris, the Charles Bridge in Prague, the Opera House in Sydney, or a breathtaking ocean view in Maui or Costa Rica.

You'll dine in the finest restaurants on the most delectable food prepared just for you by award-winning chefs. This royal treatment is mandatory to set the stage for the work we'll be doing. I know first hand how vital environment and atmosphere are to dream building. I've been all over the world traveling first class and realize...

There's something about being willing to go all out that reminds you of just how big and abundant life can be!

I guarantee that after you attend the Geneva Mastermind Retreat you will believe that you are worthy of success and you have all you need to manifest it.

Many of my participants say they don't even recognize themselves! Matt, a participant in the Prague Retreat, shared with me that his family and friends noticed a change in him immediately. They said he was more focused, fierce and dedicated to his work and his opportunity of creating wealth and seemed to attract the opportunities that made it happen.

Linda, an International artist who attended the Paris and Maui Retreats emailed me recently and shared, "I don't recognize myself! I am so much more confident in my abilities and know without doubt I deserve the major contracts that are coming to me."

Danny, who is building a huge Network Marketing company returned from the Retreat and instantly made the changes with his work and home environment that needed to be made to increase his business. In just over 14 days he jumped up a pin level and is now Executive Director.

The transformation is powerful. The stories are inspiring. And lives are forever changed because they now have the mind-set that creates wealth. It's as simple as that. And creating that mind-set is exactly what happens at The Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program.

With such a rich and creative environment you will be poised and ready to create your dream business and life. And that's the next element of the retreat…

#2) The Power of the Mastermind

Every morning, after we enjoy a delicious Four Season's breakfast, we'll gather around a boardroom table and let the power of the Mastermind take affect. We'll be sharing ideas and enhancing them. Asking what's possible and discovering it. Creating business plans and then re-creating them to work even better. The synergy is powerful! The ideas are abundant! And the results are lucrative!

You will connect with other success-minded entrepreneurs and enjoy building friendships that will last a life time. During your Mastermind session, all eyes and ears will be on you. Together we'll help you create a business strategy to manifest your Big Dream and create a life you love.

Just imagine how it will feel to share your ideas, goals and dreams with a group of like-minded people who are all there supporting you, challenging you, and helping you design your ideal business plan to perfection. The synergy in the room is electrifying as million dollar ideas are created and shared! And those ideas are exactly what you need to take your business and life to the next level.

After our Mastermind Session we'll enjoy a healthy lunch together as we continue to share ideas and perfect business plans. You'll create such a strong connection with your fellow Retreat members.

Many of my Retreat participants have shared data bases, referred each other and even connected each other with prospective clients who will buy their product or service.

The afternoons are for the life-changing excursions. Special events created with the intention to help you break through your comfort zone, build belief, tap into your creativity, expand your mind-set, and create connection with your Mastermind Teammates.

At the close of every evening, you'll open the door to your hotel room and be delighted with a special gift selected just for you. As you unwrap the treat you smile realizing it reflects a memory of what you experienced that day. You feel like royalty as you lay your head on the pillow, knowing you are just beginning to live your Rich Life...

Through the power of the Mastermind, engaging excursions, and five star royal treatment, the Mastermind Retreat will give you the type of experience you need to breakthrough to your prosperous and abundant life. That's not all... The final element of the Retreat is the accountability program. This is a vital aspect to keep you focused and on target to achieving your goals.

#3) The Accountability and Coaching Program

With your Mastermind Retreat Enrollment you get six months of group and private Coaching. You'll be on the phone with me and your Mastermind Team once a week! Through these group and private coaching calls you will have the inspiration, accountability and momentum you need to achieve your goals and intentions! Again, my commitment to you is to give you the accountability and coaching that ensures you're making the efforts and maintaining focus to achieve what you want. These coaching calls will keep you on track, allow you to ask questions and continue the power of the Mastermind.

The 3 elements of the Mastermind Retreat ensure you will get results! You will breakthrough the limitations that hold you back and create the mindset that will cause you to think bigger and dream bigger. You will create a business plan, marketing campaign; design your Internet marketing plan and your daily action plan that will keep you on track to achieving your dream.

Whether you want to grow an existing business or start a whole new one, The Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program will be the most important part of your achievement. Here's what some of the participants of the Mastermind Retreat have to say:

Testimonials from Graduates of the Rich Life Mastermind Retreat:

Mark and Tammy Smith

"The Mastermind Retreat was the most lucrative business decision of our career. We've already made 3 times our investment."

Mark and Tammy Smith
Millionaire Club Members

Danny Gasemy (left)

"Nothing has ever lit a fire inside me like this retreat. I feel like I've been blind my whole life and just got my sight. Thank you Lisa for the most incredible experience of my life!"

Danny Gasemy (left)
Executive Director

Ford Saeks (right)

"Lisa is a pro at choosing the excursions that help us expand our thinking and become more willing to risk!"

Ford Saeks (right)
Business Consultant

Linda Richichi (right)

"My business tripled since the Paris Retreat. So I attended the Maui Retreat! Now I'm signed up for the Sydney Retreat. I simply must attend these Mastermind Retreats!"

Linda Richichi (right)
International Artist

Randy Gage

"Prosperity is about expanding your consciousness… Lisa's Retreats expand your vision and help you breakthrough to the abundance you are seeking."

Randy Gage (left)
Author of Risky is the New Safe

So, what about you? Are you ready to take action on your business and create your “Ideal Life” in the Geneva Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program?

If this type of experience and coaching is what you're looking for, then get registered right away! I keep these groups small and intimate to ensure everyone gets lots of time to share and create.

I am committed to your success. And I know I can produce for you. I’ve watched my clients grow their monthly checks to 100,000 and more. I’ve celebrated with them as we get their book published and begin making money while they sleep! I’ve been a part of bringing an idea on paper to a lucrative and profitable business. And let me tell you, it’s exciting! I am thrilled to be a coach and help people make more money, grow their business and be great contributors to the planet. Again, I am committed.

Now, the question is, are you?

The investment for you to participate in the Geneva Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program is time, self and money. First, you need to have at least 3 hours a week to work with me and the Mastermind Group. You’ve got to get yourself to Geneva and play full out in the Mastermind Group and fabulous excursions from October 10-15, 2016 (take vitamins… you’re spending 5 days with Lisa Jimenez!)

Second, you must have an “Anything Is Possible!” mentality and “play full out” on the Mastermind Calls and at the Geneva Mastermind Retreat. You must be “Coachable” and willing to complete homework on time and be extraordinary and I mean BE extraordinary and unreasonable with yourself!

Third, you need to invest USD $3,333 today for your down payment. You will immediately receive your questionnaire and Needs Analysis and a phone call from me to set up your private Coaching Call with me (This Mastermind Retreat includes six months of Business Coaching). Then, you will begin coaching on a weekly basis with the Mastermind and privately with me. Your credit card will automatically be charged USD $3,333 a month for the next 5 months.

If this type of coaching is what you’re ready for, REGISTER TODAY! You’ll get the Coaching you need to take your business and life to a whole new level. I want you a part of it!

To your success,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Call (954) 829-5693 or

P.S. For 5 extraordinary days you’ll be completely immersed in Abundance, Prosperity and an “Anything Is Possible” Mind-Set. You’ll love the exquisite culinary experiences and mind-expanding excursions that will delight and inspire you! You’ll open your mind to all that’s possible for you in your business and life and get the coaching you need to create it. And that’s just the Mastermind Retreat!... For 6 incredible months you’ll be inspired with stimulating conversation with your Mastermind participants from all over the world and get the coaching and accountability you need to succeed!


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